Using Phones And Other Mobile Devices

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Modern technology has changed the way students learn new materials in the classroom. Although it is a common belief that smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are often seen as a distraction to the learning process, they also have many benefits to the learning process. The use of cellphones and other mobile devices can promote student engagement in the classroom and provide new ways of learning that are appealing to the modern student. When used in an effective way and under proper teacher supervision, students’ learning experiences can be enhanced with the use of educational mobile apps and interactive learning games available on mobile devices. Mobile devices are different from a laptop because they are smaller and more…show more content…
Mobile apps are a useful tool to help students reflect on what they learned and build up a confidence for learning. ReFlex and TeamUp were implemented in a select group of K-12 classrooms in the U.S (Leinonen et al.). After conducting pilot studies, researchers “found that using ReFlex and TeamUp made it easy for teachers and students to integrate more reflection into everyday classroom learning” (Leinonen et al.) Researchers concluded that it was not the app itself that encouraged students but rather the “well guided use of the apps by teachers” that helped students reach their full potential and fully understand the material being presented (Leinonen et al). While these apps focused mainly on student reflection, they serve as a model for other apps used to motivate student learning and progress. In addition, using mobile devices provides students with more opportunities to be creative and become more excited about learning. There is a wide selection of mobile apps dedicated to learning that can be altered to a student 's specific needs (Powell 1). Mobile apps can be selected based on the curriculum goals and standards and also allows for the teacher to monitor a student’s learning while providing feedback (Powell 2). Apps
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