Using Photo Sharing From A Global Community Of Over 300 Million Active Users

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What started out as a fairly simple, easy to use photo sharing app used by a small group of people has exploded into a global community of over 300 million active users. An amazing 70 million photos and videos a day are now shared on Instagram by both consumers and brands. With that many users and activity it not surprising that Instagram is been used daily by savvy marketers to build brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to their websites. Brand engagements on Instagram are actually higher than any other social platform including Facebook and Twitter, in fact in a recent study Socialbakers compared the top 25 brands on Instagram with the top 25 on Twitter and uncovered that engagement rates were almost 50% higher on Instagram…show more content…
Have a strategy - The photos and video content you add to Instgram should be a reflection of your brand. Ensure your content expresses a clearly defined personality and voice and that it is engaging to your followers. Make Use Of Hashtags 7. Be sure to include hashtags - Hashtags on Instagram are an important way to increase the reach of the content you post. You can use either existing hashtags that your community is already using to reach more people or even create new hashtags that could benefit your overall social media strategy. 8. Make use of brand specific hashtags - it is a good idea to make a hashtag from your business name. Also, using unique tags for specific marketing campaigns you run. For instance, if you are running a photo contest on Instagram, make a unique tag just for that campaign. This hashtag promotes not only your contest but allows other Instagram users to connect with other participants in the competition Here is how Coca Cola recently used a specific hashtag to engage with their instagram community. [COKE 8. Include general hashtags - Using general hashtags will open your brand up to a larger audience who follow specific products or lifestyle content on Instagram. So for example if your business is a flower shop, and you post an image of a beautiful arrangement be sure to include tags like #flowers
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