Using Process Approach For Teaching Writing

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It is controversial to use process approach to teach writing in the recent years. There are many teachers support that process approach is a good teaching strategy to be used in lesson since it is beneficial to students. It helps students to get a new understanding of the writing process, comparing to the traditional writing style.

First, process approach encourages comments in different stages. During writing, students are encouraged to seek comments from others. It is good to students as feedbacks are not only given by teacher, but also peers. Most of the time, positive comments will be given. These advices give students a picture on how others think about their writing. In other words, they can read their own piece of writing from a new perspective. These comments will be more useful to student since it helps to build students’ confidence and good feelings for the next writing. These comments also guide students on how to make improvement on their text. Comparing to product approach, which feedback is usually given after the submission of the final writing by teachers. Students may easily forget the comments given after reading. Therefore, asking comments throughout the writing process helps students to develop their skills to response to others comments and make improvements.

Second, process approach encourages creative writing process. Comparing to product approach, product approach only emphasizes on the final product while process approach emphasize that
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