Using Qualitative And Qualitative Research

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The authors argue that mixed methods sampling with well-established qualitative and quantitative techniques can answer the research question in health sciences posted by mixed methods research designs in a new way. And data collection procedures for the mixed methods designs should based on concurrent and sequential forms of data collection, in order to make sure that the qualitative results can explain and interpret the findings of a quantitative study, and meanwhile, mixed methods are used to overcome a weakness in using one method with the strengths of another.

I Main Points: There are three main points from chapter seven, which are 1) sampling approaches used in quantitative and qualitative research; 2) types of sampling in mixed
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Probability sampling techniques are most likely to attain from record participants’ attitude and behavior which can record as statistics, and investigators analyze the data to get the result.
2) types of sampling in mixed methods study Sampling plan for mixed methods study can be classified into three types, which are 1) interdependent; 2) independent and 3) combined. Interdependent mixed methods sampling frames usually use to for a particular project through the joint use of probability and purposeful techniques. Independent mixed methods sampling frames are proposing at least two distinct samples, therefore, a primary purposeful sampling technique is chosen for the qualitative component, and a primary probability sampling technique is chosen for the quantitative component. And the advantage of using an independent sampling plan is to protect against generalizability critiques. Combined mixed methods sampling frames are usually used among published mixed methods studies, researchers will use an independent probability approach to determine the sample for the quantitative component and an interdependent approach to determine a subsample of the participants from the quantitative component for a subsequent qualitative
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