Using Quality Function Deployment in Software Requirements Specification

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USING QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT IN SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION Abstract. We present in this paper an approach to requirements specification based on quality function deployment (QFD). We discuss how techniques like QFD with accompanying tool-support can contribute to the development of high quality requirements models that are the basis for information systems that are perceived as valuable by the stakeholders of the systems. Based on the practical application of this technique on a number of information systems projects, including both traditional development projects and the implementation of packaged solutions, it is our experience that the quality of requirements specifications can be improved by using this technique,…show more content…
Different tool–support is available, going from simple spreadsheets to more advanced groupware tools which enable a larger proportion of the stakeholders to participate actively in the process. In the next section, we give an overview of the SQFD technique. Then we evaluated the technique based on experiences using it in different kinds of projects. We have evaluated the approach on to what extent it can help in the process of creating requirements models of high quality. We conclude the paper pointing to future work as we get further practical experience with the use of the technique and tools. 2 Overview of SQFD QFD was first introduced in Japan by Akao in 1966. Since 1984 a number of companies have used QFD with cross-functional teams and concurrent engineering to improve their products, and product or service development process [24], including the development of software [8]. Yearly, several major international conferences are held on the subject, see e.g. [4] for a current overview of the breath of problem areas attacked with QFD. SQFD [19] focuses on improving the software development process by implementing quality improvement techniques during requirements specification. In order to satisfy the stakeholders under the constraints faced by a project, it is necessary to concentrate the best efforts on those things of greatest importance. To do this requires that the project team during requirements specification obtains the

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