Using R, Linear Regression Analysis

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As a Data Analyst, I am responsible for assisting in projections and forecasting of enrollment as well as institutional research projects. This includes use of Excel and R to run statistical analyses in answering enrollment and research questions. Key to projecting enrollment is a file we use called the “Decision Model” We track various aspects of enrollment to help predict future enrollment. For example, we track the amount of third semester pathway students since they will likely be matriculating into the Online Degree Program. We also track the percentage of third semester students who have historically matriculated. This way we can apply the same percentage to the current rate of third semester Pathway students to estimate new online students. This same principle is applied all throughout the decision model, enrollment is broken out into categories of different students and indicators that can help predict that category.
Regression analysis is used often to answer research questions. Using R, linear regression helps to shed light on the effects of any number of factors into college success. In addition, I have been able to use skills from excel courses on a regular basis to create charts and graphs as well as prepare and analyze spreadsheets. Finally, the principles of thinking like an economist often contribute to projects that I worked on. Mostly when I’ve needed to understand why students are behaving in a certain way or thinking about how to present data in the most…
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