Using Radio Waves And Other Sensing Modes

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PRAVEEN GUPTA (14116051) ECE DEPARTMENT, IIT ROORKEE ABSTRACT Through wall imaging has very wide applications in police, fire & rescue, military departments. Its main motive is to fetch detailed information in places where it is not possible see directly. This is achieved with the help of technologies using radio waves and other sensing modes to penetrate wall materials. For this there are many challenges that must be tackled to make through wall imaging sensors operationally viable. This paper discusses the historical aspects as well as provides a different view for future researches in the topics such as electromagnetic propagation, signal processing, reasoning algorithms. INTRODUCTION Through wall sensing is defined as the ability to see inside a structure to determine the basic layout of buildings, where there may be occupants and other objects. This concept has SIMRANJEET SINGH (14116066) ECE DEPARTMENT, IIT ROORKEE evolved from ground penetrating radar systems applied to walls and many applications since 1990’s have been developed to sense beyond a wall from near range. These approaches revolve around basic wave physics to form matched filters for each and every single point in target space. Only Doppler processing is not sufficient since imaging of building contents requires 2-D & 3-D systems. So a concept knows as “multilateration” is used. This uses the fact that the possible locus of a point(transmitter) in
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