Using Risk Management as a Tool for Accident Prevention in the Resort Golf Arena

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Using Risk Management as a Tool for Accident
Prevention in the Resort Golf Arena
By Steve Eisenberg
Risk Management can he an effective preventative measure to optimit^e accident prevention in the resort golf arena. This article explores known risks, identifies other potential areas of risk, and offers solutions that may be adopted hy Resort Facilities to minimi^ risk in the golf sector.
In 1995, after six years as a personal injury lawyer, and three years as a golf professional, this researcher began to explore liability issues in the golf business. In this age of litigation-happy consumers, it had become necessary to face the reality of personal injury Kability litigation in the golf arena. This article offers an
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This approach to risk assessment is amplified by Joseph and Dianne Devanney (2002),
"It is not enough to just design pleasant and attractive surroundings. In developing the necessary proactive protections against lawsuits, everyone has to be as diUgent as possible and try to foresee how the design could lead to accidents." Other articles also recommend that course owners put out highly visible signs in areas where golf cart users must, cross public roadways or make slow turns, etc. "Make sure you have great signage and poUce it," he says. "If you see someone violating that rule, stop them and get them out of the cart."
The attorneys dted also mentioned incidences where golf carts have been struck by automobiles with the parties being severely injured. Such situations can create catastrophic liability exposures for a golf course. "If they have golf cart paths that cross public roadways, they really need to be well-marked-rumble sticks, stop signs. Golf clubs really need to do a good job making that a more defensible situation."
Safety measure implementation and recent areas of injury
In implementing safety measures regarding car paths, it is best to insure they are properly designed, and constructed using materials that will last based given anticipated climate conditions. The
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