Using Sei Strategies in a Siop Lesson Plan Essay

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Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan
Mandy Wynne
Grand Canyon University: ESL-434 Advanced Principles of SEI Instruction and Assessment Sep 24, 2012 (O101)
October 21, 2012

Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan This lesson should be taught in a sixth grade class. The students do not have to be English Language Learners, (ELL) in order to benefit from this lesson and meet state standards. It is an interactive way to learn about different geographic regions of students in the class. The lesson should first be introduced to the class through the vocabulary. This gives the students the back ground on the words used to describe what the lesson is about, and allows them to use the words in context with what they are doing.
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The most important part of comprehensible input is making sure student can complete the assignment, and understand what they are being taught as well as possible. They need to have time modification or be given the necessary means to finish and complete tasks. That means possibly providing them with material in their native language to help them be successful. They can look at these at home possibly.

ESL 434 SIOP Lesson Plan

Date: 10-1-12 Grade/Class/Subject: 6th grade
Unit/Theme: Social Studies Standards:
Strand 4 Concept 4
PO 2. Describe the environmental, economic, cultural, and political effects of human migrations and cultural diffusion on places and regions.
PO 5. Identify cultural norms that influence different social, political, and economic activities of men and women.
ELL IV (Correlates to Grades 6-8) Standard: The student will express orally his or her own thinking and ideas. Level Early intermediate:
PO 3 Contribute to classroom and academic discussions by giving suggestions, describing events, expressing
PO 4 Issue multiple-step routine directions and instructions in a manner that the listener can follow
PO 6 Prepare and deliver a short oral report in a content area that effectively conveys the information in

Content Objective(s): Students will create a travel brochure about their home town, and be
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