Using Shared Group Work Tools

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How People Use Shared Group work Tools: Shared group work tools can be described as any information processing initiatives involving coordinated activities of individuals separated in time and/or space and sharing their common information in the cloud. In the past few years, cloud sharing and storage group work tools have transformed the business world through providing convenient means that support the collaborative efforts of individuals regardless of their distance and time. The increased use of shared group work tools in the business world has been attributed to the cost-effectiveness of these information processing activities. Actually, these tools have saved companies and organizations huge costs associated with servers and bigger workforce ("Raising the Bar", 2013). The most commonly used form of shared group work tools in the modern business world is online tools that enable group collaboration. While there are several kinds of online collaboration tools that have been designed to offer varying features to users, they enable users to work together in a relatively easy and efficient manner. The emergence of a variety of online collaboration tools and applications has strengthened the power and convenience of joint efforts between individuals in a simple way. The efficiency of these online collaboration tools is attributed to their ability to facilitate various processes such as information sharing, tasks coordination, document management, and communication between
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