Using Social Networking Websites for Social Media Marketing in Fashion Industry

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Using Social Networking Websites for Social Media Marketing in Fashion Industry (BACKGROUND RESEARCH) Submitted by: 2/1/2012 Juhi Agarwal SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is “the media that is published, created and shared by individuals on the internet, such as blogs, images, video and more” (Strokes, p. 350), as well as “online tools and platforms that allow internet users to collaborate on content, share insights and experiences, and connect for business or pleasure”. (Strauss & Frost, p. 326). SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: The term social media marketing describes the usage of blogs, online communities or social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook for marketing, sales, customer service and public relation in order to engage online…show more content…
The designers can blog about the new trends and styles spreading a positive energy of fashion around the business, which will eventually mark a professional impression for the organization at large. Alternatively, one can use social media to simply spread awareness and exporter can create a buzz about what are they doing and what they wish to do in future. SOME EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING USED IN FASHION: 1. Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton which entered the social media sites quite late built a campaign where its spring 2010 show was broadcasted live exclusively for its facebook followers. 2. Topshop Topshop has one of the strongest social media presence with over 1.3 million followers on Facebook which is regularly updated to maintain the interest of its followers. It has also appealed to a large numbr of twitter followers by bringing the news of its products and chats regularly. 3. Diane von Furstenberg “Ignoring the Internet [and social media] is madness,” says designer Diane von Furstenberg who has been advocating for transparency in the fashion industry for years. “We decided to have a presence because it was a very organic way for us to communicate online” 4. Burberry Burberry which is another fashion forward thinking brand allowed its users to add the designs of spring/summer 2011
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