Using Sounds in Communication Essay

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The process of using sounds, signs, words, or behaviors to exchange information or to convey your thoughts and feelings with another person or group is communication (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2014). Demonstrative communication can send messages in a nonverbal and unwritten form of communication such as body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions that can have a positive or a negative result that effects an individual’s listening or response with the exchange of information. Society uses verbal communication as a main part of their lives, and demonstrative communication accentuates on the verbal communication.
Facial expressions, body language and tone of voice are a few nonverbal cues that characterize about 55% of nonverbal
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The third strategy, your communication interaction occurs, contains taking a direct automatic list of nonverbal communication between you and the person. One way to make this happen is to look at how talking to friends and family is comfortable, by the way your reaction is toward their nonverbal cues and how they react to your cues, and use this to speak to employees or customers. This will help an individual to open the communication barrier for others to be more apt to reveal information more sincerely and securely. Step back and reflect is the last approach that entails that an individual assess the information after an exchange has finished (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2014). The communication would be measured for what would be the most effective nonverbal signals and then the ones that appeared to generate a negative assessment.
Individuals use demonstrative communication every day unintentionally conducting themselves with their attire, hair styles, tattoos, design and images. Some of these styles of communication could be positive, but individuals need to be careful how they make use of demonstrative communication while it could be unclear and could be misinterpreted. Gestures, facial expressions, appearances, or body language may indicate another meaning to other people with their background of growing up, religion, or culture. One example would be when
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