Using Syllogisms To Gain Evidence Those Humans Are Subject

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Using syllogisms to gain evidence those humans are subject to ontological mistakes by illogical thinking Abstract A research into ontological mistakes and validity. The study was set out to see if people would use logical reasoning when it came to syllogism’s showing if people would use logical or illogical thinking. It was shown that there was significance with people being ontologically incorrect, (F(1,4)= 46.848, Mean2= 33.14, p2= .224). The participants where 163 students from the University of Wolverhampton. A two-way ANOVA repeated measure system was used to render the data and during the experiment students were given 16 syllogisms to use, they were randomly selected to eliminate any chance of foretelling. Half of these…show more content…
Another method of overstimulating a person’s mental cognitive ability for a person to logically reason. It is thought that by actively using reason to think may show that people might be less able to acknowledge ontological mistakes due to the resources needed are fully engaged with assessing logical validity. Syllogistic reasoning is a form of deductive reasoning which enticed the interest of logicians since the ancient Greek philosopher Aristole. Deductive reasoning allows one to make a sound claims for the conclusion drawn. It holds deductive validity which states that it’s impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion to be false (Skyrms, 1975). Syllogisms have three terms that can be identified based on their position (Hurley, 2008). The major term is the predicate of the conclusion, the minor term is the subject of the conclusion and the middle term occurs in each premise but not in the conclusion. It is called middle term because it is distributed over both sections. Syllogisms also contain words that provide information about an amount or quantity known as quantifiers. Words such as are and is are called copula (Hurley, 2008). It is important to make distinctions between everyday language and logical expressions. The study will dwell into the question that if people can overlook ontological mistakes. We shall focus on a kind of
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