Using Teams at the Engineered Materials Business Unit

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Using Teams at the Engineered Materials Business Unit Consolidated Products is a multibillion-dollar company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, which specializes in a large selection of products and services. It is a global company with many locations around the world. The company consists of a very small staff, and its organizational structure is very decentralized, with each business unit held accountable for its own P&L. In the early 1980’s the corporation began its strategy of acquiring several new companies. In 1999, Consolidated Products purchased a business unit, Engineered Materials, from Andreas Manufacturing. Engineered Materials was the smallest of the five companies that were part of the Consolidated Products acquisitions…show more content…
When a company purchases a new division, it is important that they provide change management in order to make the transition go smoothly. In this case, the new Engineered Materials division is having some issues with the new team based management style. One way to help transition this division is to provide training to the employees. First, you would want to interview the employees and collect data on exactly why they are having problems within their teams. We would then want to take analyze the data and understand which complaints can be fixed by management, and which complaints are due to the lack of training in the teams. We would then take all of the factors that can be influenced by training and break them up into categories.
When analyzing the case, we decided that there are many areas that should be explained better and need additional training in order to have an influence on the team members. The first step in the training process that we decided on would be implementing a reward system that would incentivize the members so that they will not have the feeling that it is not in their job description. They should informed that the team process is part of their job and that they will each be held accountable for performance. Management also should set up team building exercises for each team. The teams do
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