Using Technology And Using Social Media

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I live in a generation that grew up using technology and using social media. We have the opportunity to be connected to the world online at our fingertips at all times of everyday. Most of us are online in some way and are always connected. As time goes on I see us getting more addicted and dependant on our cell phones. From a sociological perspective, these phones are basically our way to the universe. Each individual that uses it is connected to hundred of millions of other individuals and together we make up the online social world. I chose to give up all social media. This includes instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook, and snapchat. Social media is meant to connect us together but instead it disconnects us by having addicting features,…show more content…
I thought this would be a good span of time. During the week is when I use them them more frequently because I’m always looking at them in my spare time, in between classes, and even during classes. I have found myself spending an enormous amount of time wasted just scrolling through pointless events online. I have wanted to try to give these up for a while, but never really had the push I need to till now. When I really look at how much time I’m spending on my phone it astonishes me. To really get a feel of what it’s like to give them up I would need more than just a day. Also by giving it up for this long, it gave me a chance to observe how I ended up spending my time on a daily basis. How eliminating a few things from my phone would change my outlook, and how I felt in the world. My first experiences with this study I can describe it as one word: withdrawal. Starting from the very first hour I just felt a need to look at my phone and when there was nothing to look at I felt in a way some kind of culture shock. I noticed more when I was in class and I saw everyone else on their phones when waiting for class to start. I never really noticed this before because I was one of them just sitting there on my phone in my own world. By not being on my phone it gave me a whole new perspective. I was able to see my surroundings and what I probably looked like on my phone from someone else 's view.
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