Using Technology in The Classroom to Enhance Learning

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I will be using the elementary school scenario for a fifth grade mixed level classroom (special education and regular education) in my discussion for this task.
A. Motivation
Sarah: “Sarah cannot seem to sit in her seat and wanders around the room.” Sarah has been diagnosed with ADHD and has trouble sitting in her chair for more than 15 minutes at a time. Sarah needs understanding of how essential cooperation is to maintaining a learning environment (Savage & Savage, 2009, Chapter 3).
Intrinsic (internal) motivation varies for individual students and requires more creativity to create in a student. Instilling intrinsic motivation for Sarah is a difficult mission. However, goal setting is an excellent way for Sarah to feel a sense
…show more content… is a real-time way to check for understanding and student engagement. This application allows the teacher to create a multiple choice, short answer, or true/false quiz that students can complete on computers, tablets, or any smart device during teacher instruction, cooperative or individual study time. The teacher can monitor who is actively engaged and who needs to additional instruction. This type of technology is especially helpful for Bridgett who can get immediate feedback on her understanding of a topic (Yearwood, 2012).
B4. Motivation Using technology to enhance motivation in students can incorporate many forms. One way to motivate students is to have a classroom camera available for checkout for students who meet a weekly criteria. For example, to get Nancy to concentrate on a lesson that she feels is boring, she could be rewarded with the use of the classroom camera to assist in her extracurricular photography and moviemaking club. This is an example of extrinsic motivation that may help Nancy to become more involved in overall classroom concentration (Ames, 1992).

C...Instructional Intervention: One
Nancy: “When Nancy is interested in the topic, she can concentrate much better than when she thinks the less is boring and useless.” Nancy is in the photography and moviemaking club. Keeping Nancy on task can be a challenge, however, by
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