Using Technology in the Classroom

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It has influenced the way we all live in countless ways including how we learn. In a culture that has become increasingly reliant on technology, it is not shocking that technology has become part of the permanent setting in our schools and classrooms. Technology is changing the landscape of education, modernizing how educators teach, how children learn and how parents contribute in the process. The digital-technology revolution was slow to penetrate the ranks of America's public high schools and slower still to trickle down to the ranks of our elementary institutions. The good news is that high-tech teaching is finally providing a forceful impact to the elementary learning process. Elementary level education is a student’s foundation of their academic period and it is in this stage where technology should be embraced to learn and teach.
There are a lot of people who think that students using devices like iPads in classrooms are pandering to the pressure of being cool and current along with a passing trend. In some schools this may be true, but in general, this is a naive assumption. The world always has and always will progress. We don’t write on a slate anymore. We don’t use chalk to write. In these current times, majority of students are allowed to type their work. Each of these steps were painful for the teaching profession to move away from. Many thought that those that…
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