Using Technology to Cheat

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Abstract Technology is growing at an exponential rate; this presents many challenges and advantages to online and campus students alike. The potential and ability to cheat is greatly increased. In the days before this "technology boom" answers were being written on hands, arms, and anything else that was capable of being marked on. Now cheating is more than easy. With mp3 players, camera phones and PDA 's cheating is literally just a click away! Team A will show how technology has increased by showing the various different ways to cheat, what students think about cheating, and what teachers are doing to prevent it. Using Technology to cheat
For as long as there has been some kind of testing process for validating intellect or
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Fast-forward past the Y2K hysteria and you 'll find that the modern student is now using small electronic devices to cheat while taking tests in the classroom. (Leake, 1995)These devices range from handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), portable music players such as the Apple iPod, cell phones equipped with blue-tooth hands-free transmitters and camera as well as miniature storage devices capable of transmitting large amounts of data quickly without notice. The student of today is not technically illiterate as their parents once were. They are techno-geeks capable of doing pretty much anything they have their hearts set on. It has been documented for students to record notes for playback using their iPods while in class. Cell phones have been used to communicate with students and accomplices located in the library whereby answers can be researched. Digital cameras on cell phones can take exact copies of test material to be posted on the internet for all to see. In 2005, a 17 year old student in Sugarland, Texas placed a keystroke logger onto a teacher 's computer and recorded everything that was typed. (Boone, 2007) This included the teacher 's password and allowed the student to steal and sell the teacher 's test until he was caught and charged with a misdemeanor. (APA – Proquest) Modern cheating is not limited to
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