Using Technology to Increase Success

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Using Technology to Increase Academic Success
Hector Bonilla
COLL 100 DO55 FALL 12
American Military University
Dr. Augustine M. Amenyah

Using Technology to Increase Academic Success Technology has changed the world we live in and has made a very positive impact on the way we learn, an education is just a couple of clicks away from anyone anywhere. It has made it convenient and possible for people with busy schedules, full time jobs and Military who are in different countries at any given time to earn a degree and further their education. There are many devices that are available and more that are on the way to facilitate the tools needed for academic success. Technology can be very useful to
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It’s exciting and something we can all look forward to in the learning community. As Radford A., (1997) expressed “interactive communication tools will transform our capability to embrace an educational paradigm that deals with learning as a vital, fulfilling, and continuing part of life at home and in the workplace as well as within educational institutions”. All students benefit from the advances in technology but none more than military and working personnel, it brings great flexibility and time to work mostly at your own pace. It provides the advantages of earning a degree and continuing with your daily life. K-12 grade have great advantages also but sometimes they can end up with too much technology and are overwhelmed with too much information making it more complicated than simple. College students also benefit greatly from technology and the ease of having information at the palms of their hands. But in the end it all depends on who is determined enough and takes complete advantage of the technology available to them. Technology will continually change the way we learn in a positive way. It’s something we can’t avoid from the moment we are born technology plays an important role on what we learn and how we develop. All students should take
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