Using The Aida Model As A Basis Of Discussion

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AIDA MODEL This will discuss how children would react to products, like toys, using the AIDA model as a basis of discussion. More specifically, I will provide a narrow company perspective (i.e. toys manufacturers) and how can they best to fit their existing products (toys) to meet children’s needs based on the tenants of the AIDA framework. Everyday people are bombarded by messages, and each one fights to stay in people’s mind. The main ingredient for a product to be successful is if people believe that they need the product. Companies use lots of techniques to persuade its consumers to buy its products such as advertisement. Marketers consider that a good advertisement will grab the attention of consumers and will make them buy a specific product. Effective advertisements should be memorable, entertaining and, grabs the attention of the consumer. Several techniques have been developed throughout the years that cover the characteristics that I mentioned above. With the time and technology, the world of advertising has become more and more competitive. However, marketers still use the same principal that was created in the late 1800s. In 1898, Elias St. Elmo Lewis created a framework that defines phases of consumer awareness and behavior (Ash, Ginty, & Page, 2012). According to him, most of the companies incorporated this framework in their marketing plan because this framework will increase the amount of consumers for their product. Initially, this framework was created to
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