Using The Biopsychosocial Model

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I made the mind map using an online mind map creator (Appendix 1.0) as I thought it would make it look more professional and easier to follow.

The mind map starts off with the central bubble with the title Health and Wellbeing as this is the topic on which the mind map is based. Following this I have added subheading bubbles which I have used to break down the topic sections. The subheadings are models, determinants, health and wellbeing. I chose these topics as my subheadings because they are the main sections of the aforementioned topic.
The first section of the mind map I would like to address is models. I chose the topic of models to be one of my subheadings because it is one of the main parts of health and wellbeing. The models I have
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This suggests “that each one of these factors is not sufficient to bring about health or illness, but the interaction between them is what determines outcomes.” (Boundless, 2015).
In the biopsychosocial model the biological refers to the genetic factors, the psychological refers to the emotional and behavioural factors and the social refers to environmental factors as shown in the mind map
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This model reduces health down to environmental factors or factors influenced by ones “social world”. Factors included in this model which are suggested to influence health are lifestyle, diet, social class, income, employment status and many more. Just a few of these can be seen in the mind map. It is evident to all how lifestyle and diet can affect ones health, however it may not be so clear to see how social class and employment can have the same effect. In reality all areas covered in the social model are somehow linked e.g. if you are unemployed then your income will be low and you will be in a low social class, this in turn will mean that your diet is more than likely going to be poor due to the fact that there will not be much money to pay for food, overall leading to poor
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