Using The Cloud For Large Scale Data Storage

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Abstract: In cloud computing and services with the rapid developments, there has been a growing trend to use the cloud for large-scale data storage. This has raised the important security issue of how to control and prevent unauthorized access to data stored in the cloud. Access control is one of the most important security mechanisms in cloud computing. By using the Role Based Access Control and Attribute Based Access Control, security to the data stored in cloud is enhanced through the fine grained access control policies. Attribute Based and Role Based Encryption techniques are used as the main encryption primitive. Signature Based authentication is used to improve security. Fine grained access control is provided with authentication…show more content…
The cloud aims to cut costs, and help the users focus on their core business instead of being impeded by IT obstacles Cloud computing is so named because the information being accessed is found in the "clouds", and does not require a user to be in a specific place to gain access to it. The services are offered from data centres all over the world, which collectively are referred to as the "cloud." The idea of the "cloud" is to simplify the huge network connections and computer systems involved in online services. Cloud computing is a computing model, not a technology. In this model of computing, all the servers, networks, applications and other elements related to data centres are made available to IT and end users. Cloud computing is a type of computing that is comparable to grid computing. It relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.
Access control is generally a policy or a procedure that allows, denies or restricts access to a system. It also monitors and records all attempts made to access a system. Access Control may also identify users attempting to make an unauthorized access to a system. It is a mechanism which is very much important for providing security. Various access control models are in use, including the most common Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Discretionary Access Control (DAC) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC). All these models are known as identity
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