Using The Four Resource Model Developed By Luke And Freebody

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Classrooms are different today from those of previous generations, they have become communities of learners where students assume more responsibility for learning. As opposed to a place where the teacher is in charge the modern class room there is often a hum of students, talking about books they are reading and working together in small groups using digital as well as print text. The students are more culturally and linguistically diverse, many have English as a second language (ESL). This Critical- reflective essay will explore using the four resource model developed by Luke and Freebody, focusing on; how young children learn to read, the four roles within the resources model are Code breaker, text user, text participant and text analyst. This essay will also articulate the understanding of the three phases of reading and writing development. Phase one, experimental reading and writing. Phase two, early reading and writing and phase three, transitional reading and writing. This understanding will then be applied to an early years setting including and application of strategies for cultural differences.
Children draw upon their use of text everyday Flint, Kitson, Lowe, & Shaw, 2014 specify “In order to read proficiently readers need to develop their repertoire of practices for interacting with text.” As suggested in Luke and Freebody’s Code breaking, children use of text emphasise on; decoding and encoding the codes, symbols and conventions of written, spoken, visual
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