Using The Health Belief Model

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Using the health belief model, how can nurses encourage patients to make immediate and permanent behavior changes; particularly as they relate to lifestyle choices? Behavior change refers to alteration, makeover or adjustment of human attitudes, manners and conduct. Behavior change is also an extensive sort of actions and methods that concentration on the individuals, publics, and environmental impacts. It could be temporary or permanent changes. Behavior modification is very crucial and essential to the community health involvements. It focuses on the prevention of diseases prior the onset, which reduces the cost and benefits of health interventions. The Health Belief Model (HBM) is the theoretical and standard model based and aimed to envisage, describe and having knowledge on health behavior. It was developed in 1950s and it has been used for half an era to encourage medical compliance, and health screening. HBM is established for an individual to understand, by taking health-related issues serious and takes necessary action when having impressions on undesirable health condition, which can be avoided, and having optimistic belief by receiving a suggested action. The health belief model explained the reason why individuals and the public failed to partake in a platform to identify or avoid illness. The model has been expanded to explain reactions to signs, illness, recommended treatments, and impending health complications. HBM has help and support nurses by formulating
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