Using The Internet For Social Purposes

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With the advent of developing new technology, the way we receive and perceive is drastically changing. Many ‘at-home’ activities, such as watching the news on television, may become transferred onto little, mobile devices, such as an iPhone, which allows mobile device users to essentially bring their home entertainment systems with them, on the go. More than just ‘television-watching’ is losing its old sense of ‘privacy’, in fact our private lives, are becoming not so ‘private’. Everyday, people such as myself, post personal content on social media. The terminology ‘personal content’ can mean many things such as posting a personal address or telephone number online, to even posting about ‘deep’, personal issues that should essentially be…show more content…
My earliest memory of posting content onto a social media website would be when I signed up for a Myspace account. I remember, I never really thought much about what I posted or who potentially could be ‘looking’ at the content I published onto my page. Which, is exactly why I feel lucky that I was never ‘targeted’ for essentially, exploiting myself to the world. As I got older and moved on to other social networking websites, I stumbled upon a site called ‘Tumblr’, which is a blogging website. I never exposed myself to any sort of ‘blogging’ environments, other than posting statuses on Facebook and Myspace (back in the day). Tumblr felt like a new found glory; a space where I could openly talk about my sexuality and life experiences with whomever I wanted to read my content. When I initially joined Tumblr, I was a freshman in high school and was dealing with a lot of excess emotions. During that time period, I was struggling with my sexuality and felt that I needed to tell people before my head blew off, but I also wanted to live a ‘normal’ life and remain ‘under the radar’. Essentially, I came out to the people who read my blog on Tumblr and gained enough advice and courage from the people who read my ‘coming out’ post, to become fully open about my sexuality. I found Tumblr as a safe-haven, a place where I
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