Using The Mixed Method For College Graduates Of Sports Administration Programs Face While Searching For A Job

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This information collected using both the qualitative and quantitative approach also known as the mixed-method method is to determine the roadblocks recent college graduates of sports administration programs face while searching for a job. The most common roadblocks to obtaining a job in the sports industry will be identified, the conceptual framework developed has outlined the information for the intended focus group. The focus group consist of recent college graduates, male and female, who have found it hard obtaining a job in their area of interest with in the sports industry. It is predicted that most recent college graduates aren’t qualified to obtain the positions they are applying for or either have not used all of their resources…show more content…
Since Title IX was created there has been an increase in career opportunities in the field but, those are limited, females has to be aware of the nature of sport management in order to avoid being mistreated (Bower, Hums 2013). Understanding the nature of sport management allows a recent graduate to increase their “employability” (Forsyth, Minten 2014). The intended purpose of the study is to present facts, new and old to allow the reader to piece it all together and discover the common roadblocks that exist while searching for a job, allowing each individual interested in the sports industry to better prepare themselves. Some research examine specific careers in the industry to determine the likelihood of recent graduates obtaining these positions due to the qualifications (Belzer, 2014), while others chose to highlight the entry level positions recent graduates should apply for ( Lee, 2015). Building a strong resume geared towards the graduates intended career choice is also an important aspect to obtaining a job (Angst, 2015). There are two important skills required for graduates to obtain jobs in the sport industry, management and marketing skills. Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework developed to identify proposed issues is the
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