Using The Reflective Thinking Process

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As a board member, we have been tasked to find a solution to the yearly party by students at a local university. The party consist of students and locals, numbering between 1,000-5,000 attendees. Due to alcohol and immaturity, there were alcohol related incidents at this function and is a nuisance in the local neighborhood. The board’s task is to find a way for the students to enjoy themselves while having minimum impact on the local neighborhoods (Tubbs, 1986, p. 1). Utilizing the reflective thinking process, our first course of action is to define the problem. According to Tubbs (2012), “Undoubtedly, the best-known pattern for small group problems solving is the reflective thinking sequence first proposed by John Dewey” (p. 291),…show more content…
In the event a board member is unable to attend a meeting, their alternate representative must attend. The board consensus is that a majority agrees and no one objects to the final decision. The board use the weighted number procedure to determine which solutions are voted on. For example, if we have five solutions, we determine the most desirable choices using the weighted system, five for the favorite solution down to one for the least favorite solution. We then tally the numbers to reach the most desirable solution and the board votes on that solution. If the majority vote is nay, we go to the next desirable solution until we get a majority yes vote. Now that the board has identified the criteria for making a decision, the board generate solutions for the problematic party. The board’s procedure for generating solutions is the board utilize brainstorming sessions to generate solutions for any issues requiring board participation. Instead of the normal board room, a more relaxing atmosphere is established. In a adjoin conference room that has soft lighting, comfortable chairs, comfortable room temperature; the board is required to take breaks during the session, provide refreshments and any other requirements to make every board member comfortable. The board next step is to use the method of generating solutions by brainstorming. Brainstorming is a simple method to use to generate ideas. The problem is identified and a meeting recorder write
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