Using The Root Cause Analysis And `` 5 Whys ``

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I must admit, I am uncomfortable putting work conflicts on the internet, and even more uncomfortable exposing personal relationship conflicts that should inherently be private. I also do not watch the news, because I do not trust it as a source of information. Thus, for the purposes of this essay, I shall describe the most recent inner conflict of note that I have experienced instead, and analyse it using the “Root Cause Analysis” and “5 Whys” strategies that were discussed in this week’s reading.

While it is not a particularly recent source of conflict - it happened about three or four years ago - it resulted in some life-changing events. I shall briefly describe the timeline: in January 2012, I move to New Zealand to study for a diploma in 3D Animation and VFX. By November 2012, I had decided that I no longer wanted to be studying towards a qualification in the VFX industry, and decided to enrol at one of the universities in Auckland for a degree in Hospitality instead. By March 2013, I had turned right around, and enrolled in a different school for a degree in none other than 3D Animation and VFX.

Using the “Root Cause Analysis” and “5 Whys” strategies, I shall explore the reasons for these changes I made - what made me deflect from my original course, and then later why I came back to it. Many of these observations are made in hindsight, so may sound more logical and rational than I truly was at the time.

First, I shall consider why I left my first course of study:

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