Using The Ual Libraries For Research

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PPD: I have learnt the value of using the UAL libraries for research for my essay. I feel that it is a great resource to allow me access to books that would deepen my understanding of the assignment by borrowing books about criticising photography. It allowed me to explore many themes, I found that looking at industry professionals’ work that could help me to broaden my argument and find unexpected avenues to research and inform my ideas. I would also like to improve with the essay how I find quotes, as I find it hard to sift through all the books in order to find points that would be relevant in the writing process. I learnt that online research is often not credible because of the originality of the sources but could be useful as a starting point. I found some of the lectures useful in thinking about the different aspects of the writing process because without them there would have been things that I would have not considered. I found Showstudio, an incredible help because it gave me direct insight into the details of Nick Knight’s process towards a final image and also different aspects of Alexander McQueen’s vision. I enjoyed analysing an image that did not have much information written about it because it was only produced in March this year and so I really had to rely on my on dissection of the image and quotes to bring out thought provoking points. However, I found that the objective description of the image difficult because I learnt in the group presentation
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