Using The Wind Power For More Than 2000 Years

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Mankind for more than 2000 years have been using the wind power for a variety of different applications. The first application was when they started to put sails into the wind, and then other applications took place such as windmills to grind grains and wind-powered pumps to pump water. Prof. James Blyth was the first one who built a windmill for the production of electricity. He installed a 10m high wind turbine from cloth in his garden in order to produce electricity for his holiday cottage. It is important to define and renewable energy and distinguish it from finite energy. Renewable is the energy that is obtained from the continuing or repetitive currents of energy occurring in the natural environment and is naturally replenished, while finite or non-renewable energy is defined as the energy that is obtained from static store that does not renew itself and remain bound unless released by human interaction (Fig.2) (Twidell, Wier 1998). This takes wind to be a renewable or alternative energy method that can be served as an alternative way to generate electricity. Figure 1. Contrast between renewable and finite energy supplies (Twidell, Wier 1998)
Since 1980’s wind turbines have noted a remarked progress making the whole sector and technology mature in order to enable the rapid growth on the market. This is justified by Fig.3 where it is observed that from 1996, the growth is steadily increased till 2012 and is still growing. From then till now, the cost…
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