Using The Worksheet Planning Guide For Social Work Group

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In this paper I will identify the need for the group that was chosen. Part of the discussion will concentrate on the three key values used in the group approach with this population. The other will address models and theories of group practice, and the approach used by this group. The paper will also look at the key challenges or obstacles in group interventions with this population. Using the worksheet planning guide for social work group’s eight headings will be discussed. Briefly the readings from the course syllabus will be used in the development plan and incorporated in the paper will be the plans for an initial group session. Based on the skills inventory three critical skills will be addressed. Lastly a critique of a proposed group will be conducted. 1There is an identified need for a community level hospital intervention that will focus on adolescents dealing with grief and loss. The public health groups in hospitals are aimed at disease prevention and health promotion for adults and families who are at high-risk. These groups only focus on members who have high-risk health conditions and risky lifestyle behaviors, but they do not address the idea of death resulting from these high-risk behaviors. Clearly, these public health interventions do not target adolescents who share the commonality of grief and loss. These groups ignore the effects of death and the role it can play in determining one’s actions. Both the public health group and the grief and loss
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