Using Thrive Within School

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Using Thrive within School After talking to the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo), the following information was collated. When discussed it was noted that Thrive is a whole school approach that values each child down to the simplest of things, like greeting each child by their name. Within Thrive, the method is called VRF’s; the Vital Relational Functions used in Thrive are attuning, validating, soothing and containing. Attuning - matching a child 's mood with oohs and ahhs. Validating - letting the child know that their feelings are natural and that anyone would feel the same in their situation. Soothing - calming them. Containing - keeping them safe and telling, them that you, as the adult, can handle their big emotions. During Thrive sessions, the key person leading the intervention uses unique games to develop thinking and risk taking skills. This also serves to raise self-esteem and positive social interaction, which are two of the Needs of MHN. To establish a link between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Thrive, there have to be some observations drawn up of how they are linked to the school. Observations The chosen observations are due to the fact that some of the children within them have been or still part of the Thrive intervention. What they have achieved through their time in Thrive has been shown and demonstrated to a high level showing how they now react to unusual situations, which in earlier times would have caused
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