Using Trademe As My Case

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I have chosen to use TradeMe as my case. TradeMe is an online website that connects sellers to buyers and also buyers to sellers. TradeMe is the middle man or connection between both parties. The selling of goods or services works through an auction system instead of the classic, one price and that is it. This system benefits both buyers and sellers, the buyer can get products for cheap and sellers could also get a lot more than anticipated from their goods or services. TradeMe is a New Zealand based website and has quickly became a very popular site, having over 3.9 million active users, and 7.7 thousand people visiting the site every day (TradeMe, April 2016). New New media is communication channels that have been created recently. These channels interact with the user and give the user the ability to talk and communicate between other users in real time. Social networking is a prime example of new new media, blogs, Twitter or even YouTube all fall into the category of new new media, were as emails would fall into new media due to their introduction times and limiting factors. New new media summed up is users interacting with other users on a massive scale. Let us single out YouTube as an example, YouTube gives users with massive interaction through: likes, dislikes, shares, favourites or even reports. The content creators can get feedback in many different forms on their creations, the biggest feedback tool being the comments section, were users can share their ideas,

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