Essay about Using Utilitarianism to Address Abortion

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In this paper, I will be defining act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism, use both standpoints from a rule utilitarian and an act utilitarian to decipher their responses to abortion, and investigate both claims to come to a conclusion if or if not utilitarianism is adequate enough argument to address abortion.
First the definition of utilitarianism is, “An act is morally right if and only if it does more to improve overall happiness than any available alternative” (Farley). Overall happiness can also be used interchangeably by the words, happiness, pleasure or well-being. There are two types of utilitarians, the first is an act utilitarian, in which they seek actions that produce the greatest good. Act utilitarianism is more dependent on the results of a particular action and not the expectations. The main argument for act utilitarianism is, “What is the particular outcome we expect X to have?” (Farley). Whereas rule utilitarianism is more swayed towards the consequences that will come from this particular action as adopted as a social rule (Farley). Adopted by social rule meaning, we as a society what rules to enforce and the consequences. There is no rule that society has to follow all the time.
Act utilitarians believe that intentions do not matter to the rightness/wrongness of actions, instead the action is right if and only if that is the action that produces the greatest amount of good in that situation. Actions are right or wrong in virtue of their actual…

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