Using Video Games in the Classroom

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Of Course games are almost always translated into different languages so that people worldwide could play them but a foreign language teacher wouldn’t find it too difficult to get ahold of a copy of a game in a foreign language. Music classes such as band or choir could even use video games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band to teach their classes about different types of music and different artists and to involve students more in playing music and singing, this could even lead to some students entering a career in the world of music. A Science class could use the wonderfully challenging puzzle game Portal to teach students about physics, momentum and other gravity based mechanics. There are many different ways that video games could be used in the classroom, schools just need to figure out the best ways to implement them and make it work.
There are quite a few benefits to using video games in education, one big one being students would be way more excited about learning through video games rather than through the standard way lessons are taught in most schools today. If students are actually looking forward to a lesson than their performance on the assignment is going to be greatly increased, students will actually want to…

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