Using Visual Thinking for Effective Teaching and Learning Essay

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Visual thinking engages the use of visual aids to deliver educational content more effectively. Using even simple visuals is a great way to illustrate the major topics that will be taught. Just hearing information is not enough for most learners to retain it, so visual aids help to receive and retain information. Visual aids have the ability to stimulate and maintain the learners’ interest, simplify teaching, accelerate learning and reinforce the material being studied.
There are a number of benefits in using visual aids in teaching language. The first is visual thinking makes complex information easier to understand. Thanks to visual aids students can see the connection between ideas, and realize how this information can be organized or
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They are useful for teaching and enable the improvement of a wide range of skills. We can use visual aids for development of different language competence.
Teaching reading is the important stage of learning foreign languages. The ability to read effective is essential for success in acquiring a second language. Reading is the foundation of instruction in all aspects of language learning: writing, developing vocabulary, acquiring grammar, editing, using textbooks for language courses. One of the examples of teaching reading skill using visual aid is reading editorial cartoons. Most cartoons are meant to make us laugh, but editorial cartoons use humor to make us think. Editorial cartoons express the cartoonist’s opinion about topics in the news. (see image 6)
Tips for learners: When reading editorial cartoons first of all look at the art. And ask yourself what the pictures show. Then read the cartoon’s speech balloons or caption. Think about what makes the cartoon funny or serious.
One more activity for improving reading skills is reading maps. The teacher asks students to draw a map of their classroom. Drawing maps by learners is better, than just looking at maps and talking about them. Then other students should read it.
Teaching writing is also important stage, because during the process of writing students have more time for thinking and more opportunities for language processing. It is important that students can be given the opportunity to
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