Using Volunteer Sampling From Within Leeds Sixth Form College

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METHOD SAMPLING To collect a large sample I used volunteer sampling from within Newcastle Sixth Form College. Participant forms were handed out to every tutorial class (equivalent to registration) within the college to make sure that every student is presented with the opportunity to take part in the study. This allowed me to have a population of over 500 students to sample from. Once the volunteers had submitted their interest, I planned to then try to make the sample more representative of the national population. However, this was unfortunately not possible for two reasons. The first is that the sample would consist almost entirely of students aged between 15 and 20. Secondly, the final sample size was too small to try and make it…show more content…
A repeated measures design was not possible as randomly assigning different bands each session would have created random and most likely insignificant results. Although I did not intend to use a matched pair design, the fact that the participants are very similar reduces the extraneous variables to less than that of a normal independent measures experiment. PROCEDURE The procedure for the BEM was standardised to ensure that extraneous variables (experimenter variables) would not impact on the reliability of the results. The standardised experiment included how to set the environment, how to prescribe bands to each participant, as well as all other factors involved in the experiment. The participants were first asked to complete a questionnaire before their first session about how they had been feeling and if any external factors may have been affecting them. They would then be asked to complete a consent form so that the auditory prescriptions could begin. The participant would be asked to sit on any chair in a room which only contained five chairs in a quincunx pattern. Once the participant was seated, I would assist with and confirm the blindfold was working. At this point, they would be told to “please relax, and give me a sign if you feel uncomfortable. I’ll be in the room while the sound is playing, and if you hear any

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