Using Windows And Osx ( Apple )

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Introduction In this report I will be writing about the key components which are needed for any computer to be able to run and work. I will be writing about them in detail to show what they do and how they help make the computer work. I am also going to go over some extra components which can be added to make them run better and quicker. Along with the components, I am going to talk about what an operating system is and why it is needed. To go into more depth with operating systems I am going to compare features of Windows and OSX (Apple). Computer Components CPU (Central Processing Unit) The CPU is the core component of the computer which acts as the brain of the computer. The CPU is in charge of handling every instruction that is…show more content…
The ALU is also where all the final processing is happening before it is sent back to the Register for the computer to use. The CU is part of the CPU which directs all the processors operations by conducting the input and output of a computer system. The Control Unit is the middle part between the Register and the ALU, decoding instructions and sending them to get executed by the ALU. The Register is a form of local storage space on the CPU which holds all the data which is being processed. It can usually occupy the top-most position of memory, in which it provides high-speed storage space and fast access to that data. (Computer Hope, 2014) Motherboard A Motherboard is the key circuit board of the computer and is where all the components are connected, this includes; CPU, ROM, RAM, expansion slots, PCI Slots, SATA, USB, etc. As you can see by Figure 2, there are a lot parts which make up a motherboard and can also be added to it. A Motherboard has a chipset which is a collection of chips and controllers. When a new model of motherboards are made, they have new updated chipsets which work better than previous chipsets. The bad thing about this is that some older components may not work with this new chipset and will have to be replaced with newer parts. (Tech Terms, 2008) There are 6 Motherboards which are out on the market which all look different and are placed in different computers. The six are; AT,
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