Using Wireless Sensor Networks Help With A Lot Of The Things They Do

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Abstract---- This article is about how governments revolutionize their cites using wireless sensor networks to help with a lot of the things they do to keep the cities safe. Traffic cameras with motion sensors to help track red light runners. Water conservation technology to help cities irrigation systems. Or just with mailmen routes, garbage routes, and bus schedules.
I. Introduction Plagiarism: Plagiarism is when you try to copy someone else’s work and try to present it as your own work masterpiece. I scored a 100 on the quiz and learned one how to write a book citation. Ex: Deiss, Joseph Jay. Herculaneum: Italy 's Buried Treasure. New York: Harper & Row, 1985. Print. I also learned that when you are quoting material when
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“IEEE 's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.” (Mission statement) The IEEE has 333 sections, 800 student chapters, 400 affinity groups, and 2350 branches at different colleges. I. INTRODUCTION
The introduction of this article covers how innovations can help keep cities safe and how the government is helping make those innovations possible. The services and technology at their disposal is immense. It helps keep the public safe and have the city moving very smoothly. An example is traffic lights, motion sensors, cameras, and monitoring systems. Open innovation is a huge part in smart cities in the current ways of life.

III. RESULTS These smart cities have potential sensors networks that help them collect data and help them analyse things going on in said cities.
GPS tracking is a big part of the cities technology as well. The only problem cities have is getting the man power to watch all those monitors and screens and also getting people with the knowledge to analyse all that data and make it make sense.
They have contemplated letting other people in and using the data to enhance new and existing services and applications. To help remedy that problem governments have put in place an action called open data. This allows the central government and privately owned companies publish they’re data without
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