Using an Anonymous Current Client or One You Have Worked with in the Past, Apply the Methods Discussed in This Module to Their Case and Discuss What You Think Could Have Been Achieved.”

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“Using an anonymous current client or one you have worked with in the past, apply the methods discussed in this module to their case and discuss what you think could have been achieved.”

In this essay I will utilise the case of M.E. to explore the possible theoretical achievements the implementation of Transactional Analysis (T.A.) and Gestalt approaches might have facilitated. Focusing on each therapeutic approach in turn, an analysis of the issues of M.E.’s case will be explored in terms of application of the two approaches and the possible resultant outcome. The case of M.E. comprised that of a 56 year old female who living with her husband. The legacy of her childhood and subsequent challenging adult experiences,
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places emphasis on human’s capacity to rise above habit patterns and to select new goals and behaviour in turn. Its inherent goal is to enable clients to make new decisions about their present behaviour and the direction of their lives. Alternate routes to previously held ways of living, incorporating a self-defeating life-script can be replaced with a life-script where the client plays and active role; with the goals of autonomy, spontaneity and being fully present in one’s life and decisions being at the fore. Developed by Eric Berne in the late 1950’s, one of the key elements intrinsic within T.A. is the ‘Ego States’. Comprising the Parent, Adult and Child ego states, they can assist in explaining how humans are made up and how they relate to others. They incorporate the ways we think, feel and behave. The Parent Ego state consists of behaviours, thoughts and feelings copied from parents of parental figures. The Adult Ego state comprises behaviours, thoughts and feelings in direct response to the present, whereas those of the Child Ego state are replayed from childhood. While all individuals will alternate between these ego states, T.A. seeks to primarily assist the client to consciously become aware of the ego state they are operating from at any given time. The behaviour and roles adopted in relationships and interactions can, in the absence
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