Using ethos pathos and logos in modern film

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English 102 For this assignment, I've chosen to analyze the movie, Gone Girl and television show, The Office. Gone Girl, a movie still in theaters, stars Neil Patrick Harris and Ben Affleck and is based off a 2012 book. The book, written by Gillian Flynn, has since been a New York Times' Best Seller. The Office was a television show spanning from 2005-2013 and earned multiple awards. Both the book and movie are extremely graphic in nature, so the target audience is geared more towards college students and beyond. I know this simply by the plot and R rating. The story depicts Nick and Amy Dunne and their difficult marriage. Nick, played by Affleck, comes home from work one morning to see his living room glass table shattered, blood…show more content…
Amy then seduces her former over, slits his throat, and heads back home with Nick. Amy claims she was raped every day by Desi and killing was the only way out. But knowing the real truth, Nick wants to leave Amy but is unable to after discovering that Amy is indeed pregnant. Without telling her husband, she went to sperm bank having used sperm Nick stored. He reacts violently, but decides to stay with Amy for the sake of the child. The Office has a wide range audience, because unlike Good Girl, it's not a show graphic in nature. It's a funny show, about the struggles of working at a failing paper company. Perhaps this show is suited for those in high school and older. I miss watching this show with my parents, because they enjoyed it as much as I did. Like Good Girl, this show utilizes ethos, pathos and logos. A good example of logos would be the relationship between two co-workers, Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert. Dwight, a salesman, wears glasses, parts his hair and wears a mustard-colored short sleeve dress shirt and tie to work every day. When he's not working, he enjoys growing beats on his 42-acre beat farm with his cousin and watching Battlestar Galactica. To put it lightly, Dwight is a complete nerd. But Jim, on the other hand, is the king of the office. Jim flirts with his female coworkers, enjoys playing sports, complains about his job and dates the best looking women.
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