“Using the Case Study at the End of the Module, Assess the Client's Issues and Describe Your Treatment Plan. What Ethical Issues Might Arise?”

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In this essay I am going to assess the client, Miss E’s, issues using the case study provided. I will then describe a treatment plan for Miss E with an attached script. I will also comment on the strengths and weaknesses of using hypnotherapy in these cases and will be noting any ethical issues that may occur throughout. Hypnotherapy is a popular form of therapy for people seeking weight loss. However, clients have often tried many other techniques and diets to achieve their desired weight before choosing to see a hypnotherapist. It should also be noted that as a therapist, we should not jump to the conclusion that a client wishes to lose weight, as they may actually wish to gain weight and such assumptions could immediately damage…show more content…
I would then go on to the different reasons why people overeat and ask the client which one(s) they identify with and why, as the majority of people will be able to identify with at least one of them. One such reason is eating to lessen unpleasant experiences. This is something we learn from an early age, such as getting something sweet from a parent when we are in pain. In later life we may be taken for meals out to cheer us up or be brought 'comfort' food such as chocolate and ice-cream after a break up, for example (Chrysalis, Module Six). Eating to get attention and gain authority is another reason why people may overeat. Larger people may feel like they are more important and command attention, though not always positively. They may be for example, making a point of telling people how much they are eating at a party, gaining negative attention in replacement of the harder to achieve positive attention. People may also overeat for reward and entertainment, such as receiving a treat food for completing chores as a child, or giving and receiving chocolates and wine on special occasions later in life. However, treats are now common place in households and not necessarily used for special occasions. People can also use food for fear, overeating on unhealthy foods to help them deal with their fear.
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