Using the Flow Diagram of Ethical Decision Making to Hire an Applicant

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Using the Flow Diagram of Ethical Decision Making I will be advising weather to hire the applicant or not. The only relevant facts in this circumstance are that a scientist has applied for a job at our firm and knows valuable information regarding our competitor. The irrelevant facts are that our profits may be affected or that there are no legal barriers to hiring the scientist. Individuals are empowered to follow their own interests while at the same time having duties or correlative requirements or prohibitions on others, says the norms of Rights and Duties. In this circumstance, our duty is to make a decision based on what will benefit our company the most. To be successful we need to focus and make it our duty to hire qualified…show more content…
The norm of Caring plays a major role in the decision making because if we were to hire the applicant, we did not intrude the close contact or direct relationship they never had with the competitor. Right, Duties and Justice tell us that hiring the applicant based on the facts is unethical. Utilitarianism did not play a relevant role with the process, but on the other hand Caring says it isn’t unethical to hire the applicant. Overriding Factors is the next step to take in order to make a decision. Based on the analysis, if we hire this applicant, we would do it solely due to their knowledge about the competitor, our ultimate benefit and prevention of potentially losing profit. Also, we would be taking something away from the competitor and take their potential rise in profits because we hired someone who knows the details of their discovery. On the other hand, the good part in our decision making if we were to hire the applicant would be that we wouldn’t be stealing the competitor’s employee. Although we aren’t doing any harm in that instance, we are still hiring someone based on their knowledge about the competitor which would ultimately benefit us and potentially harm the competitor. The right does not compensate the wrong. My recommendation would be not to hire this employee. If you do, it would mean that we

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