Using the Internet as a Medium for Art Essay examples

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Using the Internet as a Medium for Art

“ This is my space, this is my world. I can express how I feel and what I believe, it’s a different type of freedom.”(1) This quote could speak of so many places in a creative world; a university, a gallery, a bedroom, a studio, and so many others that people commonly associate with artistic space however it refers to none of these and all of these at once. I am talking about the web. The web is a new space and like all technology pushed to its limits by artists. This essay will discuss the impact that new technologies have had on the young and emerging visual artist. In particular this essay will focus on the advantages that the internet as a medium has had over a new generation of artists that
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An artist creates to express them selves. People have desires to express an idea, a talent, an opinion etc. To be able to exhibit work in a public space is a goal to many. The internet itself has evolved into the worlds biggest gallery. This issue shall be expanded on further into the essay. With this explosion of people come various programs to enable people to create amazing artworks. Of course the majority of these applications were not designated for artists however artists embraced them to create works. Programs like Flash, Dreamweaver, animation soft ware and imaging editing software are readily accessible to all who seek them.

Some of the earliest works on the web were developed using simpler things such as paint. With the speed at which the internet grows and develops it is difficult to find examples of pre millennium web art. A good example of early net art can be found at “A Net Art Idea Line” (3). This site show cases the evolution of this art form. From its earliest conception in 1995 artist were pushing the boundaries of what could be created.

“From the beginning, net art has traveled multiple paths. More than a medium, the net is a environment uniquely hospitable to many diverse media: programming and animation, video and audio, game play and community.” (4)

In 1995/6 a genre known as ‘Cyber Poetry’ began. ‘Exquisite Corpse’ by Komninos Zervos in 1996 (5) shows how seven simple animated GIFS with 10 frames in
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