Using the VinLogic Simulation Model: Insights Gained and Lessons Learned

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Insights Gained and Lessons Learned
Using The VinLogic Simulation Model
Operations management is comprised of a series of concepts and frameworks that are best learned through the use of simulations and constraint-based modeling to show the effects of one decision on corporate performance. This is especially true in the areas of logistics, transportation and supply chain management optimization, The VinLogic Simulation Model has specifically been designed to take into account the iterative nature of these disciplines, showing how trade-offs in one area of supply chain and logistics affect the performance of an enterprises' entire supply chain (Vinlogic, 2012). Simulation Dynamics has created a highly effective learning application that can be iteratively used to learn how the constraints involved with logistics and supply chain planning and management impact the overall performance of any organization.
Transportation and Delivery Lessons Learned
Where the VinLogic Simulation Model is most effective as a learning tool is how easily it is to iteratively plan and execute workflows both from a tabular and graphical standpoint. It is evident there are advanced constraint-based software being used to ensure the application stays accurate and flexible across the many scenarios it completed during a lessons session. What is also very useful from a learning standpoint is how effectively this simulation tool or application can define a wide variety of logistics,

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