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ITM -580 Strategic Planning for IT
Dr. Wendy Wang
Spring 2012
Name: Laura Gong
Module 1- Strategy and Strategic Planning
Case Assignment 1: "How do the two UCB's strategic IT plans compare against the Baldridge criteria for assessing strategic planning?"

The importance of strategic planning is just as important as having a foundation and a framework to a new house. Without it, it will either partially be complete or eventually crumble. Strategic planning helps to not only complete short term goals of a company or organization, but most importantly invest time into successfully complete long term goals and to continue to grow in the long run. It is a design that will lay out
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The organizations need to have effective leadership, vision, structure, budgeting, interaction with outside forces and companies just to name a few qualities in order to even qualify for the Baldrige Award. The seven key themes that Baldridge will focus on in addition to its goals are “People and Relationships; Mission and Values; Openness, Transparency, and Communication; Entrepreneurism and Innovation; Technology; and Do other things well, and financials will follow.”
One key quality that is evident is customer and market focus by both UC Berkeley and UC Boulder. That is true because in this case the customers are the students and focusing on their needs to not only have a great education but also expand their knowledge. For example, UC Berkeley plans to “The retention rates increase and "time to degree" lengths decrease.” as well as “The students are more aware of campus resources and opportunities, resulting in a greater sense of community, stronger leadership skills, and, ultimately, more success in a diverse, global society.” In addition, they will use technology to better help students interact with professors through a portal to enhance interaction and learning experiences, “The students engage in technology assisted self-service,
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