Us's Coin Strategy

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A few critics from the US’s COIN strategy include: the concept of a short-term COIN plan will not work against a determined insurgency. There must be prior knowledge and a ground understanding of the target country’s culture, politics and history before creating a strategy with the intentions of benefiting the population. Lastly, it is a united effort; a united international approach is needed in order for a COIN to be successful. According to the RAND study Counterinsurgency in Iraq (2003-2006) a few mistakes identified was, failure to gain legitimacy among the population, failure to recognize insurgency taking occurring, failure to send a sufficient amount of troops into the country, less troops were needed than the amount that was…show more content…
The war that was conducted in Afghanistan against the US should prompt other nations that the purpose of war should have a political goal interest and should include military advice but ultimately should be decided by a charismatic civilian leader. “The war in Afghanistan has demonstrated that for all of the vaunted agility and resourcefulness of the U.S. armed forces, the risk of senior commanders' becoming intellectually arrogant and cognitively rigid is real. The COIN paradigm was applied with such unquestioning zeal that critical thought was often suspended.”( Eikenberry 2014). Furthermore, in any future counterinsurgency plan, the security of the citizens (with the help of the military) should be the underlying primary focus. In future counterinsurgent strategy there should be a military civilian plan, the military should find a way to assimilate the population in their security efforts as a way of reassurance. The replication of Provisional Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) can be implemented to strengthen any future COIN strategy. PRTs include both the population and military efforts to assist in rebuilding the nation. Moreover, counterinsurgency strategy should consider implementing isolating insurgent groups and conducting peace rallies or peace talks amongst the citizens. A final lesson
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