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USS Enterprise(CV-6) War Technology USS Enterprise: Colloquially called the Lucky E, she’s a sleek-hulled aircraft carrier made of Washington state timber and Pennsylvania state steel. Follow me through a journey that will reveal and explain her technology in the areas of radar, armament, aircraft, and aircraft facilities. You will also learn how these pieces of technology on the Enterprise helped her evade death many times, and how she became the most revered and decorated ship for the U.S Navy in WW2. Radar Enterprise was one of the fourteen ships to get the early CXAM-1 radar. This radar set could detect big planes at 10,000 ft altitude at 70 nautical miles, and could detect fighters at 10,000 ft altitude at 50 nautical miles.…show more content…
These gun directors were controlled with radar, making the guns more accurate, and more deadly than any other countries Anti-Aircraft Defence. By 1945, she was bristling with 21 gun directors of more advanced types. This helped Enterprise defend herself day and night, while in contrast, the Japanese AAA was only able to defend when it was day, due to the lack of radar controlled AAA guns. (, Battle 360 episode 6: The grey ghost) Anti-Aircraft Armament USS Enterprise needed to defend herself from enemy bombers and torpedo planes,and for the reason, she had an armada of AAA guns. However, in the starting years of the war, her AAA suite was not adequate. She was armed with 8 5in/38 cal rifles, 16 1.1 in guns in quad mounts and 24 12.7(50 cal) machine guns. The 5 in and the 1.1”Chicago piano” as it was called, were deafening, yet unable to hit the target, and the 50 cals could only spray tiny shells in the incoming direction of an attacking plane. However, “The Lucky E’s” observers saw the issues . Her 50 cals were replaced with the more rugged and powerful 20mm oerlikon guns, could more likely penetrate the armor of the attacking warplanes. Also in late 1942, her Chicago piano’s were replaced by the 40mm bofors L/60, which was the cream of the crop of mid-range AAA guns. In 1943, Enterprise received new 5in 38’s, and she received more 40mm and 20mm guns. Also, as known from the paragraph above, Enterprise

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