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Utah Symphony And Opera Merger Task 1 Utah Opera and Symphony Merger Utah Opera and Utah Symphony merger is an organizational plan to combine the two art-based organizations with an aim of increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. It involves fundamental changes that are beneficial to the operations of both companies. This documental analysis will assist Ann Ewers, General Director of the Utah Opera; make an informed decision concerning the merger process. The analysis will comprise motivation theories as well as other pertinent information that are essential for use in the merger process. It will also comprise different types of power and how to effectively deal with them in decision making, potential harm as a result of the…show more content…
From Bill Bailey’s point of approach, adding the Utah Symphony does not provide a meaningful relationship. The current opera organizational structure uses Symphony’s talents without providing the staff and the musicians a full-time contract. The Opera’s current production schedule is boosted by Symphony’s. This is because the Utah Opera Organization will enjoy the continued financial flexibility that the Symphony does not have. Acquirement of the Utah Symphony is likely to change the foundations of how the Opera’s schedule of performances. The Symphony has full-time contracted employees when compared to that of the Opera. This makes them have a larger financial responsibility than the latter organization. The concern for financial flexibility is the main impetus for Opera’s growth. The Opera has been able to have a surplus budget and arrange their shows with regards to the amount of money that they raise in every show. A3. Power Ewers is in a leadership role and has the ability to use positional power to lead the merger. As the name implies, positional power is the ability to influence others by the leader’s title or standing within an organization (Kreinter and Kinicki, 2010). Ewers’ positional power is supported by the skills that she has learned and earned her position in the Opera as the General Director. The members of the opera company have witnessed Ewers’

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