Utilisation of Setting and Atmosphere in Victorian Short Stories

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Utilisation of Setting and Atmosphere in Victorian Short Stories Following a careful study of a range of Victorian Short Stories, discuss the ways setting and atmosphere were utilised, to make the stories successful for their designated audience. Victorian stories, especially those with a supernatural theme, cleverly utilised a range of devices to make them a literary success to their respective audiences. The range, which we have studied, covered a time period spanning all of Queen Victoria's reign and consequently created tension in similar and different ways, as I will show in this essay. The setting of Dickens' wonderful creation, "The Signalman" differs a great deal from the other…show more content…
However as you can see, such an effect of intrigue and mystery has been created at the very beginning of the story, so as to captivate and entice the audience to read on. A few lines subsequent to this the superb personification of the "angry sunset" is used to represent the frustration and anger from the sunlight towards the danger of darkness and of being unable to prevent the comings of the night. By using the "angry sun" as a metaphor Dickens is trying to forewarn the reader that a tragedy is soon to occur, the sun 'watches' over the world each day, it is our safety. However, the sun can only protect us for so long but as the sun sets, it struggles to fight against the coming of evil and danger of the night. The narrator is soon enough brought back into 'the land of the living' by the confusion of "a vague vibration" leading to "a violent pulsation," and "an oncoming rush"; this is of course a train with a "force to draw me down". This is a lengthy description for such a simple action, but as previously mentioned, the rail system was new to the British citizens and the general public were genuinely curious and fascinated by such an invention. Also seeing as the class system was very much in place,

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